About Wind

Who We Are

Advancing Wind is a grassroots group of businesses, civic organizations, educational entities and individuals committed to promoting wind energy in Oklahoma. We believe wind energy is a vital component of a diverse energy mix that leads to a higher quality of life for many Oklahomans.

Our Mission

Advancing the wind energy industry in Oklahoma.

Our Vision

Advancing Wind envisions a state where wind energy is recognized as a domestic, sustainable and competitive energy resource contributing to Oklahoma’s economic growth and prosperity.

We Believe

  • Wind energy creates economic growth in Oklahoma through new jobs and opportunities for business and industry.
  • Wind energy is a competitive resource and a direct contributor to Oklahoma’s economic growth and prosperity.
  • Oklahoma landowners benefit significantly from wind power construction and operation.
  • Wind creates a diverse, plentiful energy supply that propels Oklahoma and the United States toward energy independence.


Wind energy contributes substantially to Oklahoma’s economy, continuously opening new opportunities for business as well as for landowners and communities.

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Job creation, energy independence, economic stability and reduced carbon dioxide emissions—some of the benefits of wind power—affect every Oklahoman. Show your support for wind energy today.

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