Economic Impact


Wind Energy Supports Local Schools & Communities

  • Wind energy companies will pay >$1 BILLION in ad valorem taxes from 2003-2043, providing significant funding for local schools, Career Tech centers and communities.
  • Oklahoma wind energy companies pay tens of millions in taxes each year, more than offsetting the cost of the state’s one remaining tax credit.


Wind Energy Works for Oklahoma Families

  • Wind energy is the cheapest electricity for Oklahomans.
  • Up to 9,000 jobs are provided by the Oklahoma wind industry. These companies and their employees support businesses across our state, creating additional jobs with further economic impact.
  • Wind developers pay millions annually to Oklahoma landowners through land lease payments.


Wind Energy is Key for a Diverse Economy & Energy Mix

  • Almost one-fourth of the electricity powering Oklahoma’s homes, schools and businesses comes from wind energy today.
  • Wind supports our state’s diverse energy mix by working with oil, natural gas and coal as a renewable complement to our state’s diverse energy mix.


Wind energy contributes substantially to Oklahoma’s economy, continuously opening new opportunities for business as well as for landowners and communities.

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Job creation, energy independence, economic stability and reduced carbon dioxide emissions—some of the benefits of wind power—affect every Oklahoman. Show your support for wind energy today.

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